Should your Garage Door be Replaced?

Garage doors are designed to last many long years. Products
are available to help maintain the operation and beauty of
garage entries, with a bit of annual maintenance. Many
homeowners only think to replace garage doors when something
happens that makes it necessary, such as being hit with a car
or lawnmower.

Even without accidental damage, garage doors do suffer wear
and tear over time, especially from the elements. Waiting
too long to replace worn out doors and openers can create a
serious safety hazard. Doors and openers that are worn
cease to operate properly, and accidents can occur.

Energy efficiency is yet another reason to upgrade existing
garage doors. Over time, the seals that help stop air loss
around the garage doors weaken and wear out. Once these
seals become too worn, air loss begins to occur, which
creates an expensive power concern. For old doors that do
not have insulation, replacing them with new, well insulated
doors is an investment in energy conservation that can pay
for itself in energy savings over the life of the door.

Signs to look for that a garage door is at the end of its
useful life include lack of insulation and modern safety
features, air seals that are torn and worn out, and dents
and breaks in the door. Fiberglass garage doors will often
fracture upon impact. If this happens, the door’s safety is
compromised. When the door is in the full overhead open
position, part of the door could fall off due to the
fracture and cause serious damage to nearby items, and even
more serious injury to anybody standing under or near it
when the break occurs.

Likewise, garage doors with considerable dents also pose a
safety risk as misshapen doors can interfere with the smooth
operation of automatic door openers. If any part of a metal
garage door is dented outward, or inward, in such as way
that it makes contact with the ceiling or any other object
or portion of the opener mechanism, malfunctions will occur.
In this event, the door should be fully closed then detached
fromthe automatic opener until a garage door service can
install a replacement.

Safety is an important consideration with garage doors.
Because they are heavy and are usually hung from overhead,
the risk of a door, or part of a door, falling and causing
property damage or injury to people and pets should be
carefully avoided. If an existing door’s safety features
falter, it should not be used and must be replaced. Every
garage door must have safety sensors that automatically
reverse and raise the door if anything is in the doors way
going down.

While garage doors can last many years with regular
maintenance, safety concerns are the number one reason to
replace old doors. Of course aesthetic style and energy
efficiency are also important. However, if a door shows
signs of dangerous wear and tear, getting a replacement
garage door should not be put off.
Cookson Door Sales of Arizona


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10 Responses to “Should your Garage Door be Replaced?”

  1. metal garage Says:

    Wow! It’s so attractive and beneficial too. Does this metal really works for resistance? How about temperature control? I heard of that metal cant reflect back their absorbed heat, what about that? As such I’m worried for my products inside the storage system, which can be rotten by heat. So, Is their any way to deal with this, pl reply as now I’m in favor for metal door and I’m willing to replace it.

  2. Dee Says:

    I’m a homeowner and have tenants renting my home. The home was only 3yrs old when it was rented out. The tenants reported that the garage door is damaged and has to be replaced. The tenants reported that the tracking came off track and buckled rendering the garage door to bend.
    If in the event that their story is true is it my responsibility to purchase a new one out of my pocket or should they be responsible for some or all of the expenses of the door. They are reporting that a new door is going to cost me $800.
    Please inform!

    • Michael Dryer Says:

      Hi Dee! Without really knowing what happened it’s hard to say who is at fault. If the garage door has been working for three years and then decides to fall off, that would seem hard to understand. In most cases that I see, the tenent did something that caused the door to malfunction, such as closing the door on an object or kids grabbing the door as it’s going up. I would see if a reputable company come out and take a look at it, sometimes you can see what could of happened. Other then that, I would see if the tenent would split the difference.

  3. Evette Wide Says:

    Thank you for the post. I am always looking for good information that I can pass along to others with the same interests.

  4. garage door Says:

    great site i think its awesome how you make the real effort to make this easy for the consumer to get an idea of what kind of things they should be looking out for and how to make such a difficult decision on something that makes a big difference on there home.

  5. garage door Says:

    we use your product in the phoenix Arizona area

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