Common Garage Door Problems by Cookson Door Sales of Arizona

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona services Phoenix garage doors including general repairs and new garage door installations.

Cookson Door Sales

There are several common issues that people may encounter with their garage doors. These issues are often self-evident where the solution is fairly easy to deal with, however, they can also be difficult repairs that are unidentifiable.

There are common problems that can occur with the garage door opener or remote control. These issues can come from the power source being disrupted, having a motor unit unplugged, or even an issue with the circuit breaker. If the remote control won’t open the garage door try either moving closer to the door to ensure that the antenna on the motor unit is correctly placed, replace the battery or, if all else fails, reprogram the remote itself. For all other unidentifiable issues, it’s important to refer to a professional for assistance.

In addition to problems with remote controls, garage doors may encounter issues such as not closing all the way, reversing after hitting the floor immediately, not opening completely, or even opening all the way but the motor continuously runs. Most of these situations can be identified as a need to adjust the close limit switch; however to ensure safety in garage door repair make sure to contact a professional.

About Cookson Door Sales

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona continues to be a leader in the industry by providing expertise and professional services in commercial and residential specialties. They have been serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and the rest of Arizona since 1991 and have been involved in many prestigious projects over its long and healthy duration. To learn more about Cookson Door Sales, please visit:


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