Common Garage Door Problems – Door feels heavy when raised

August 21, 2012

Does your garage door feel heavy when raises manually? Well, it shouldn’t. When a garage door is properly balanced it should open with very little effort or muscle. A garage door should also balance at minimum at least in the middle.

Balanced Garage Door

What is a balanced garage door? a balanced garage door should reman in place after removing your hand from the door in certain opened positions. The midway point, just above the midway point,and just before the top of the garage opening. If your garage door isn’t balanced it can lead to injury of a child, and premature wear of your garage door opener.

Spring adjustment
You can always call a professional to adjust the tension of your garage door springs or even have the springs you purchase from Garage Door Parts 1 installed by a company of your choice if your not much of a do it yourselfer.

However, with most homeowners are using the garage door more than the front entry door the components of your garage door can fail pre-maturely if not properly maintained.


Reliable Arizona Garage Door Installations in the Phoenix Area

August 14, 2012

New garage door installation is not a do-it-yourself project; a professional installer should be called for a safe Arizona garage door installation.

Arizona homeowners around the Phoenix area rely on the trusted Phoenix garage door service company, Cookson Door Sales, for the highest quality garage doors to compliment their home.

Because new garage door installation in Arizona is not a “do-it-yourself” job, the garage door repair specialists at Cookson Door Sales are experienced in the highly technical process.  The garage door is the largest moving object in your home which has a large number of small parts that require knowledge and experience to handle properly.  Additionally, connecting the springs is a dangerous task which should only be done by a professional Arizona garage door installer.

Garage door installations by Cookson Door Sales typically only takes a few hours and are guaranteed to meet all of the safety requirements.  With a new garage door from Cookson Door Sales, your home will have the added curb appeal, beauty, and style with a garage door that best matches the rest of your house.   By visiting the Cookson Door Sales’ website, you can browse the new garage door images and decide which style would best fit your home.

About Cookson Door Sales

Cookson Door Sales serves the Phoenix metro area with new garage door sales and installations offering a variety of Clopay garage doors to compliment any home.  The company offers a number of garage door specials on their website and they are licensed bonded and insured.  The company is located in Tempe, AZ and serves the entire valley.  To learn more, please visit

Choosing the Best Garage Door Material

July 24, 2012

Garage doors are available in several different materials, including steel, aluminum, wood composite, and fiberglass, each of which has merits and shortcomings. Here is a quick summary of what each material offers, with suggestions on how to compare the options.


Steel is the most popular material for garage doors, and for good reason. Steel doors are reasonably priced, durable, low maintenance and available in just about any style you like. Steel can be painted, and it is available in textures that mimic wood.

When shopping for a steel garage door, two features are particularly worth giving some thought to. First, steel is a poor insulator, so insulated doors are a smart choice for saving energy (and reducing noise).

Second, garage doors have steel panels that vary in thickness. Low-cost doors have thin panels of 27- or 28-gauge steel. Though inexpensive and suitable for many garages, these doors will not stand up well to impact (from basketballs, for example).

Midlevel doors offer 25- or 26-gauge steel (the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel). Top quality doors use steel that is at least 24 gauge. Commercial-grade doors use even thicker steel. Some steel garage doors offer thicker steel on the outside than on the inside.


New Clopay Ultra-Grain Garage Door Stain Available Exclusively from Cookson Door Sales of Arizona

July 3, 2012

The new garage door stains offered by Cookson Door Sales in Arizona provides an attractive wood appearance without the maintenance.

Cookson Door Sales of Phoenix, AZ offers a new line of premium garage door stains to homeowners and commercial clients around the valley.  Now available, as of March 2012, is the Clopay Ultra-Grain finish on certain Premium Series Models for a finish in attractive new colors.

Adding the Ultra-Grain finish on any Phoenix garage door creates a wood-like pattern running horizontally and vertically on different sections of the door.  This new model is intended to simulate real wood and is available in Medium Classic and Cherry Classic colors.  The Arizona garage door experts at Cookson Door Sales recommend the Ultra-Grain series for its stained appearance yet no need to do any actual staining.  The surface of the garage doors is steel which is made to give off a natural wood appearance.  The exterior surface is actually stucco with a natural wood-grain appearance to compliment the architecture of any phoenix home.  After all, the garage door is a major contributor to the curb appeal of a home.

For questions about the Ultra-Grain or any of the Clopay Pro Series products and how they can be used on your Phoenix garage door, contact Cookson Door Sales in the Phoenix area at 602-272-4476, in the Tempe area at 480-377-8777, or throughout Arizona at 800-260-8310.

About Cookson Door Sales   

Cookson Door Sales serves Arizona with garage door repairs, installations, garage spring repairs, garage door opener repairs and sales of new garage doors.  The company has been recognized for their excellence in customer service by Angie’s List.  They are also a Lead-Safe Certified Firm, a Certified Rosie Member, and a LiftMaster Professional.  Please visit:

How to Prevent – Broken Torsion Springs

June 26, 2012

This is the time of year when garage door systems tend to show their wear. Little problems tend to become big problems after a few months of cold weather!

The best thing to do is periodically check the balance on your garage door. This will indicate whether or not the torsion springs are properly balancing, or removing, most of the weigh of the garage door. You can see how to properly check the balance of your garage door here.

Broken torsion springs only happen (usually) when the springs are allowed to fatigue for a long period of time… it usually happens very slowly. If you periodically check the balance of your garage door (1-2 times) each year, you will most likely be able to see the springs fatiguing. As the torsion springs fatigue, they will cause the door to become more heavy. As the garage door becomes heavier, it will sink to the garage floor when you let go of it. Torsion springs in good condition will prevent the garage door from sliding down because they are still in good condition!

Garage Door Services by Cookson Door Sales in Phoenix

June 18, 2012

Garage Door Services

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona has been serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and the rest of Arizona since 1991. Selling and servicing all types of overhead, rolling, specialty, and garage doors. We continue to be a leader in the industry by providing specific expertise in a wide variety of Commercial, Residential, and related construction specialties.

Cookson Door Sales has been involved in many prestigious projects over its long and healthy duration. Whether you need a residential garage door or a complex commercial door system, Cookson Door Sales stands at the ready. We are your Commercial, Industrial, and Residential solution.

24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair Services from Cookson Door Sales of Phoenix, AZ

June 12, 2012

This garage door company is available 24 hours a day for emergency garage door repairs at the homes of their loyal customers.

With homeowners in the Phoenix area trying to keep the intense heat out of their home and cars this summer, Cookson Door Sales is here to make sure that your Arizona garage door is working properly all year long.

The Arizona garage door repair experts at Cookson Door Sales are knowledgeable in the repair and service of a number of well known brands including Clopay and LiftMaster. The 24 hour garage door and operator services provided by Cookson Door Sales gives their loyal customers the peace of mind that they will be able to open the garage door and get their car out to drive to work on Monday.

Those in need of garage door repair services from this trusted Arizona garage door company can call them in Phoenix at 602-272-4476, in Tempe at 480-377-8777, or around Arizona at 800-260-8310. For emergency services as well as regular maintenance and full garage door installations this fully licensed, bonded, and insured company provides reliable and consistent repair services to keep your home looking even better than your neighbor’s.

About Cookson Door Sales

Cookson Door Sales has been serving the Phoenix area with garage door installations, garage door repairs, garage spring repair and other garage services since 1991. They serve residential and commercial garage doors with replacements, general repair, preventative maintenance, replacements and more.

More information can be found online at Cookson Door Sales of Arizona

The Garage Door: The Face of Your Home

May 15, 2012

The garage door may not be the first item you think of dressing up when you’re putting your house up for sale, but realtors say it’s worth giving it some attention.

“It’s the single largest moving part on a home and if it faces the street, it plays a large part in the overall appearance,” says Marty Dewald, a real estate veteran with a 17-year track record as a top agent for ReMax Unlimited in southwest Ohio. “Curb appeal is a critical factor in selling a home. If a prospective buyer doesn’t like the view from the street, chances are he won’t waste time going inside.”

In a new study fielded by Stratamark Research and garage door manufacturer Clopay Building Products, 300 realtors nationwide were surveyed to determine if garage door appearance made a difference in the listing price they would assign to a house.


Garage Doors with Curb Appeal

August 5, 2011

This Clopay door is from the Avante Collection and can be used as a garage door or even as and alternative patio door to merge spaces indoors and out.

The mere mention of garage doors used to send shivers down the spines of architects, builders and homeowners, conjuring visions of raised panel monolithic eye – sores. It always seemed garage doors were a one – style fits – all item, whether your house was new construction or historic renovation, country estate, waterfront retreat, or a big city townhouse. And it increasing seemed houses were being built with bigger and bigger garages taking up more and more of their profiles. These days however, our thinking about a garage’s most important visual component is changing, and manufactures now offer a smorgasbord of doors dressed to the nines. Today’s garage doors sport a level of style and refinement usually reserved for grand entrances and fine cabinetry.

Most garage facades are mostly door. This produces skewed proportions and problems with profile – or used to. Now, the garage door had become something you might want to actually look at – a focal point. Doors make statements, and garage doors are no exception. Garage doors cover a home’s biggest opening and this opening often faces the street, so if we’re talking curb appeal, few single elements of a home can have more sizable impact. For More information contact Michael Dryer at Or go to

Clopay Adds Walnut Color to Gallery Collection Ultra-Grain Finish Garage Doors

July 29, 2011
Ultra Grain

Ultra Grain Dark Walnut

Clopay introduced a walnut finish to its Gallery Collection Ultra-Grain lineup of residential garage doors. The color is designed to complement the deep, rich color becoming increasingly popular on entry doors and other exterior stained-wood products. The shade also complements Clopay’s walnut entry-door finish color.
Clopay’s Ultra-Grain painted steel surface simulates a real stained door without the maintenance requirements of wood. The grain runs in two directions, both horizontally and vertically, following the stiles and rails. This detailing, along with the stucco surface texture on the door, provides a more natural looking appearance.
No special maintenance is required to preserve the finish, beyond standard garage door manufacturer recommendations to wash and rinse the surface periodically. Gallery Collection window frames, grilles and inserts are color matched to coordinate with the walnut color. Complementing walnut stop mold is also available. For more information, contact Michael Dryer at or Cookson Door Sales of Arizona